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YT5238 Electric Grass Trimmer
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YT5238 Electric Grass Trimmer

Product Size: 230V~50Hz, 550W
-Powerful 550W high performance motor
-Automatic feed spool head
-Easily switch to edging function


-Powerful 550W high performance motor
-Automatic feed spool head
-Easily switch to edging function
-Telescoping shaft and fully adjustable front handle for optimum user comfort
-With steel-ring flower and plant guard
-It is possible to tilt the head to cut the grass in every spots, even under shrubs or garden benches, unreachable with a lawn tractor or a lawn mover
-Aux. handle adjustable at desired angle, the easy operation tube click ensure fast switching to edging function
-The shaft is easily adjustable at the desired length, so it can be comfortably used by people of dirrerent height



Information YT5238
Rated Voltage 230V~50Hz
Rated Power 550W
Cutting Width 32cm
No-Load Speed 8800/min
Line Type 2x1.6mm
Line Feed System Auto-feed
Cable Length 0.25m
Machine Net Weight 2.95kgs
Package Size 103x53.5x28cm
20ft/40ft/40HQ 792/1620/1820pcs


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