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YT5148-01 Electric Lawn Mower
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YT5148-01 Electric Lawn Mower

Product Size: 120V/60Hz, 15A
-Foldable handle with quick clip connerction
-The cutting height is easily adjustable by using a central lever


-The ergonomically shaped handlebar with safety switch and cable strain relief guarantees convenient,safe and fatigue free working
-Foldable handle with quick clip connerction
-The cutting height is easily adjustable by using a central lever
-The offset design means that Highline lawnsmowers can also be used for mowing along the side of walls for a perfect result right up to the edge,without any major trimming afterwards
-The fill-level indicator integrated in the grass catcher indicates when the catcher must be emptied so that the discharge channel remains clear
-Thanks to convenient quick fasteners on the handlebar,the electric lawn mower can be folder together in order to be stored away compactiy



Information YT5148-01
Rated Voltage 120V/60Hz
Rated Current 15A
Deck Width 17"
Cutting Width 16.5"
Cutting Height 6 positions, 0.8~2.76"
No-Load Speed 3300rpm±10%
Rear Collection 13.2Gal
Package Size 30.3"x18.1"x14.6"
20ft/40ft/40HQ 216/432/504pcs


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